Redken Styling Sessions: 3 Easy Prom and Wedding Hairstyles

In this hairstyling tutorial, Redken Artist Kyle Pinneo shares tips and techniques for creating 3 beautiful hairstyles that are perfect for prom and wedding season. Learn how to create chic updos and waves that will turn heads at all of your formal events!

These hairstyles are perfect for women with medium length or long hair hair. In this demo, you’ll learn how to create glamorous curls, a textured bun, and a boho-inspired twisted crown look, the perfect set of styles for your springtime events!


Step 1: Mist with Iron Shape 11 which will protect the hair from heat
Step 2: Set the hair using a 1 inch curling iron. Holding the iron horizontally, take 1 inch horizontal sections, wrapping the hair away from the face. Pin at the scalp.
Step 3: Complete this technique all around the head
Step 4: Once the hair is cooled, release the hair and gently brush through to set curls.
Step 5: Finish with Shine Flash 02 for added shine and set with Fashion Work 12 hairspray


Step 1: Start by creating a side part. On the heavier side, take a 2 inch section of hair and set aside.
Step 2: Gather the rest of the hair to the opposite corner at the nape and tie into a ponytail.
Step 3: Gently tease ponytail for added fullness. Form a low bun and pin into place.
Step 4: Gather the front 2 inch section and loosely wrap around the bun. Pin into place.
Step 5: Mist with Triple Take 32 to finish the style.


Step 1: Create a side part. Section out the crown area and clip away.
Step 2: Carve out a section starting from the side part down to the top of the ear. Create two sub sections and lightly tease.
Step 3: Wrap both sections around each other to form a twist. While holding the ends, lightly pull at the twist to create texture. Set with Fashion Work 12 and clip to hold in place.
Step 4: On the opposite side, follow the same twist technique.
Step 5: Secure the two twists together by crossing two bobby pins and forming an X.
Step 6: Let down the crown area and gently brush into place.
Step 7: For added hold, finish style with a mist of Fashion Work 12.

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