✔️ Short Haircut for Men Transformation with Hair Design ✂️ New Mens Hairstyles

Interested in best mens short haircuts or 2019 hair trends for boys? This video is in the low maintenance haircuts for men category.Enjoy this medium to short men hairstyle tutorial with a modern hair design.
You will also find on this channel now or in the near future top men hairstyles, some cool barber tutorials men hairstyles for medium hair or curly hair latest 2019 trends, asian cuts, long hair haircuts and hairstyles. Even is hard to find in my countr black people, I will also try to reproduce some of their latest clean styles also indian mens long hair on top and short back and sides or skin fades. From time to time I will upload videos doing beard trims or some modern faded beard designs with
neck and cheek line ups.You will notice that I also love to use a touch of color for almost all of my male models and I will try to post best products for you to use and not damage your hair with the straightening iron or blowdrying it using too hot temperatures settings. Japanese chinese and korean traditional or latest trends are also interesting and good for new experiments. Another things I would post soon will be the new man bun or hard parting or messy on top depending
on the face shape (oval, square, round etc.) or type of hair (thick, thin, dense, coarse). I will use latest techniques and I will teach you step by step how to do a nice face from scratch or some cool undercut or how to style hair without hair dryer. I will also teach some easy techniques which will help you
to do your hair at home. I will also do teen or little boys haircuts.
Some nice givaways in the future with hair products for men (gel, wax, pomade, mud, paste, powder etc.) or things to help you as a barber (brushes, trimmers, scissors etc), beginner or experimented (senior/master barber).

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